Bobar wines, Tom and Sally Belford

Bobar wines are grown locally and hand-made by ourselves in Yarra Glen on the western side of the Yarra Valley. We’ve shared a farming and winemaking dream since 1998 when we met at Charles Sturt University studying Viticulture. Together we have worked, travelled and studied, building our experience and skill. We have worked for wineries and large and small. grew organic garlic for sale to restaurants and farmers’ markets and started a family before the first Bobar vintage in 2010.

The Bobar wines are meticulously farmed without synthetic pesticides and herbicides by dear friends at a couple of local Yarra Glen vineyards that we have long sourced our fruit from. We have a lifelong relationship with these places, exploring these unique Yarra Valley landscapes since childhood. Every day we learn a little more nuance and detail about their geology and soils, and their relationship to the wind, sun and rain.

We make our wines entirely by hand, using no filtration, heating, cooling or additives. They are authentic, vibrant and sustainable natural wines made with precision and care. Read more about the individual wines and vineyards in the shop.

Bobar wines have been recognised locally and abroad. We’ve carved ourselves a niche in the world’s wine scene seeing our precious wines served in the most renowned, progressive and welcoming restaurants around the world. We love sharing our region, work and dedication with our customers and deeply appreciate the support.

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Sally and Tom Belford