2022 Bobar Yarra Valley 85% Pinot Noir


An eye-catching wine, glittering deep pink with purple edges. A generous bouquet of fleshy red fruits, cherries, plums and berry fruits with savoury notes of nori, miso, spice and moist soil. The palate is richly fruited with a velvety texture and taut youthful structure.



A blend of 85% Yarra Valley Pinot Noir from the silt loam soils of Nenagh Park and 15% Syrah grown on the gravel loams of the nearby Highbow Hill. The development of power and richness with great restraint results from the vast easterly aspects of these two sites and their protection from the north and west. Wines from these spectacular vineyards are flavoursome and poised.

Both the Pinot Noir and Syrah components were made with 100% whole bunches but a nuanced approach to the macerations built layers and textures in the wine. The Pinot Noir received two treatments. The first parcel was carbonic macerated, leaving the bunches whole with no crushing. Greater structural and savoury elements were built into the wine in the second Pinot Noir parcel with gradual crushing of the grapes by hand throughout the maceration. The Syrah vineyard’s natural elegance, balance and restraint was allowed to come to the fore with a very hands-off whole bunch maceration.

Alcohol – 13%
Titratable acidity – 5.6g/L
pH – 3.55
Total sulphur dioxide – 6mg/L
Residual sugar – 0.06g/L
Volatile acidity – 0.38g/L

The 2022 vintage

The wines of 2022 are outstanding, resulting from the third successive cool season. Wet soils in spring but warm sunny conditions later in spring produced crops that varied between very light to moderate depending on the site. The generally cool conditions made for a slow and steady vine development, slow ripening with fantastic natural acidity and amazing flavour development. The wines of 2022 have purity, balance and intensity with profound ageing capacity.

Bobar Yarra Valley new release six-pack